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Case studies

Case studies

Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our existing smaller suppliers have to say about working and growing with Ocado.


Being a small supplier, we found it virtually impossible to get an opportunity to prove to any UK retailer that we not only have a great product, but we’re a company worth trading with. Our product couldn’t be found on the shelves of any other retailer and we had no proven track record of sales. Despite this, Ocado listened.

They believed in us and gave our products the break we’d be waiting for. With a sensible approach to pricing, margin and marketing investment, Ocado listed six lines at first. Working closely with the Ocado Buying team, we promoted our products and marketed to the right customers. Now, over six years later, we have over 50 lines listed and are the no.1 premium brand in our category – putting us in front of other larger brands.

Unlike many other retailers, Ocado always treat us with respect and fully appreciate our business concerns. We’ve never been forced to over-invest in marketing or price reductions that we cannot afford. Instead, they have shown support and helped us grow as a business, collaborating to ensure success for both sides.

Without Ocado, our brand would not be as widely recognised as it is today.

Malcolm Pullan (UK Commercial Director)



As a small supplier of organic fruit, vegetables and salad, we find Ocado a delight to deal with. We launched with Ocado in 2013 with just five lines. We now have 30 lines and we’re still growing – including expanding into new categories. The Trading and Supply Chain Managers are engaged and vey collaborative, creating an easy working partnership.

Supporting your products with a media investment package is critical to the long-term success of your brand, and you’ll find Ocado’s Buyers very knowledgeable about the most effective return on your investment. They also have a thorough understanding of short, medium and long shelf life so always plan/forecast accordingly and to the benefit of everyone. Most importantly, having our products available through Ocado means consumers outside of our London heartland can enjoy our produce on a daily basis – an objective we’ve always aimed for. In short, it’s the first and most sensible listing to strive for if you are looking to grow your business.

Carl Saxton (owner)



The Soupologie journey began on a market stall in 2012. As a small supplier, having our products listed with Ocado has given us a nationwide presence in the UK, helping our brand to grow substantially. We’ve found the process of becoming a supplier and working with Ocado very straightforward and easy to follow. Our Ocado Buyer and Demand Manager have both been incredibly supportive and willing to help us through the whole process.

Thanks to them, we’ve been able to make the most of the great opportunities Ocado offers.